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Here’s What You Do Next…



Pay With Your PayPal Account

Login To Your PayPal Account >> Click On Send & Request At Top >> Click Send >> ADD My PayPal Email Address: [email protected] >> Follow The Prompts

OR Click My PayPal Link Below:

NOTE: When paying by using your PayPal account balance, PLEASE make sure that you select “Paying for an item or service”… NOT “Sending to a friend”. In the “add a note” section, please put what product level you are purchasing (ex. G100, G250, G500 or G1000). Thx!!

Debit / Credit Cards

For Payment With Debit/Credit Card, Use The PayPal Guest Checkout Option By Clicking The “Buy Now” Button Below. (Note: IF you are prompted to signup with paypal, just hit the “Checkout As Guest” button/link and then continue.)

 G1000  ($1000.00)

G500  ($500.00)

G250  ($250.00)

G100  ($100.00)





 (USA Only)

Pay with CashApp. A KOOL & EASY way to pay.
Download the Cash App from Apple’s App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Pick The Package You Want (G1000  ($1000.00), G500  ($500.00), G250  ($250.00) or G100  ($100.00)

Open App And Send The Money To: $itsrickwilson

My CashApp Link:


I will also accept payment using:

Zelle (U.S Only) Use >>  4018710013

Venmo (U.S. Only)  Use >>  @Rick-Wilson-60

Apple Pay (U.S. Only)  Use >>  4018710013


Contact Me For Details If You Wish To Pay Using  Cashiers Checks (U.S. Only), Cash Using Western Union and Moneygram (U.S. & International). 

If you are having any issues with payments, please contact me so we can work to get things straightened out for you.

email – itsrickwilson @ gmail.com
text/call me – 401.871.0013

**NOTE: After signing up for Exitus Elite and Sending Purchase Payment of $100 – $1000,  PLEASE send a quick email to: [email protected]

Subject line: Exitus Elite Payment

Body: include Exitus Elite: (your EE user name), Please Activate!

THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS! We look forward to you being on our team and seeing you in the Facebook groups!


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